Hi there, I am Sigit
Software Engineer / Father / Husband

Currently working at Tech Mahindra as a Technical Specialist Associate based in Jakarta since 2019

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✉️ aswzen(at)gmail.com

Previously, I worked for Proximo in 2019, e2Pay in 2018, RCTI (Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia) in 2017, and MNC Group in 2014. I graduated as bachelor degree in Computer Engineering at Amikom University of Jogjakarta and master degree in Information Technology at Indonesia University in Jakarta. Check my Bio for further information.

Personally, I am an ordinary T shaped person, grew up in Padang city, a coast city that lies on Sumatra, there i am being cultured with many Minangkabau culture even though I had Javanese root. However, as I grow older, I find more value in saying things that I like rather than I experienced to it like instant travel, photography, tech research, DIY, and gaming. I love tea rather than a coffee. 

About 85% of my experiences are in Software Engineering and most of them are using web technologies, the rest 15% is about designing and visualize things. I made my first website when in junior high school in 2007. Most of software that I made actually began as a scratch from a case study or research based project, you can find it out in Work section. I also working as a part-timer / freelancer in some of startup company in Indonesia, I love to help some student in studying algorithm and software creation, and some of my software are being published as an open source software in famous repository.